Death Run

Death run is a 2-8 player map where one of the participants will have to activate a large repertoire of traps to prevent the remaining participants from reaching the goal. It is composed of 3 biomes where each one will have many traps and decoration. It is recommended to play 4 people to be more fun but 2-8 people can be played perfectly and if one of them dies they can expexte their companions


It is one of the longest routes and with more traps, it is composed of a meadow and a castle. Medium difficulty level


Despite being the shortest desert, most traps are deadly and very dangerous. Low difficulty level

It is a fairly long map and almost all of its traps are deadly, it is located in a laboratory on an arctic glacier. Difficulty level High


 The map is playable for 2-8 players, you have a timer where it will indicate how much is left to finish the game, once the time is up it will be a game over for the runners, the only way for the runners to win is to reach the end of the game. level and hit the button. There is also a system of being able to see the runners being dead, it is better explained on the map. 

Downloads Links 

-Download Death Run Map