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Welcome to Glitch Fall, an exhilarating video game map designed for 1-8 players. Immerse yourself in this unique experience where your objective is to pass through yellow rings to progress through six challenging levels. This map features block movement mechanics, a custom texture pack, and ambient music that will immerse you in the action.

Yellow Ring Challenges:

Take on the mission to pass six levels by overcoming obstacles and navigating unique routes while strategically passing through yellow rings placed throughout.

Custom Aesthetics and Music:

Enjoy a visually captivating experience with a tailored texture pack that brings the game world to life. The background music complements the experience, further immersing you in the action.

Multiplayer Options:

Whether you prefer to play alone or with friends, Glitch Fall lets you choose between solo or group matches, accommodating 1 to 8 players in total.

Gradual Difficulty:

Conquer levels from the easiest to the most challenging, each with its own set of obstacles and pathways. The difficulty increases as you progress, keeping the excitement and engagement alive with each step.

Inspiration and Theme:

Inspired by the popular 2015 falling block maps, Glitch Fall adds a unique twist by transporting you to a world where computer glitches come to life. With its aesthetics of faults and glitches, the map evokes a distinct sense of immersion in a computer program affected by errors.


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