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Dive into Retro Run: A High-Octane 2-8 Player Parkour Adventure Infused with Death Run Mechanics, Timed Against a Lava Wave!

Get ready for a heart-pounding experience as you enter Retro Run, an intense parkour map tailor-made for 2-8 players seeking an adrenaline rush. Inspired by Death Run dynamics, this map amps up the excitement with a time limit set by an encroaching lava wave. Get ready to test your skills and instincts like never before!

Dynamic Death Run Concept:
Retro Run introduces a twist to the traditional parkour formula by incorporating Death Run elements. Race against time as a menacing lava wave chases you through the map, adding a sense of urgency to your journey.

Nostalgic Retro Aesthetic:
Immerse yourself in the retro-inspired world of the map. The aesthetics capture a vintage charm that pays homage to the classics, creating an engaging and visually pleasing environment.

Spawn Variety:
Enjoy the advantage of 5 different spawn points strategically placed throughout the map. This diversity adds an exciting element to gameplay, ensuring each session feels fresh and unpredictable.

Endless Combinations:
With over 80 combinations, Retro Run offers a vast array of challenges and routes. This diversity guarantees that each playthrough presents a unique experience, keeping you engaged and eager to conquer the map.

Conquer the Retro Challenges:
Retro Run invites you to embrace the fusion of parkour and Death Run mechanics, offering a thrilling escapade filled with surprises and hair-raising moments.


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