Arena warrior is a 1/8 player round map with 3 maps: Valley with normal enemies, Underworld with infernal enemies and beach with coastal enemies.

The main mechanic of the map is to survive unlimited arenas with your friends! On each map, as the rounds pass, the enemies will be stronger and more powerful swords and bows will appear on the map.

Prairie Map

This map would be the first that could be played, its enemies would be mainly zombies and creepers. The map would not present any danger except slowing down when entering the water. Its decoration is of a forest, the stage is a hole in the middle of a very leafy forest

Desert Map

This map would be set in a desolate desert full of enemies, these would be skeletal enemies such as archers, skeleton horses and many more! The stage would have quicksand in which to sink and die.

Underworld Map

This map would be the last and most difficult, it would be set in an underworld fortress full of related enemies and a lot of lava, the enemies would be fire and immune to burns and the map would be full of lava around the edges. By passing this level you would have finished the game and a difficult mode for the scenarios would be unlocked.

Some Screenshots