Collapsed blocks Addon


Collasped Block is an addon that adds more than 13 versions of brick blocks, it supports for both creativity and survival!

What is it about?

The addon is mainly used to decorate ruins and abandoned buildings, the purpose of the mod is to make the buildings more detailed but without breaking the aesthetics of Minecraft.

How is it acquired?

To acquire the blocks you have to put a block of stone bricks in a stone cutter, for each block you can get 2 rubble blocks.

How to get it?

To be able to acquire it in creative it can be acquired as in survival but even so if you write in the chat / das @p f: ruin (and put a number from 1-13)

In survival you can acquire it by putting a block of stone bricks in a stone cutter.

What can you decorate with?

With all the new blocks that this add-on adds, you can decorate many things such as: ruins of monuments, collapsed castles, huge walls, entrances to castles. What I recommend is that you fence by combining these blocks with medieval decorations, these will add a touch of unique detail.


Please enable Expariment Holiday Creator Features for the plugin to work!

The addon is ready to start with a single click, little by little it will be updated to put more content.

If any update you don't like or wrong, you can disable it as addons are separated by mod base and updates.

Download links

-Download Collapsed Blocks Behavior Pack

-Download Collapsed Blocks Resource Pack

-Download Geometry Fix (REQUIRED)