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Collapsed Block is an addon that adds over 13 variations of brick blocks to Minecraft, suitable for both creative and survival modes. The main purpose of this mod is to enhance the visual aesthetics of ruins and abandoned buildings by adding more detailed and realistic block options.

Acquiring these blocks is simple. You can obtain them by placing a block of stone bricks in a stone cutter, which will yield 2 rubble blocks for each input. This allows players to easily obtain and utilize the different variations of brick blocks in their Minecraft builds, enhancing the overall visual appeal of their creations.

What can you decorate with?

With all the new blocks that this add-on adds, you can decorate many things such as: ruins of monuments, collapsed castles, huge walls, entrances to castles. What I recommend is that you fence by combining these blocks with medieval decorations, these will add a touch of unique detail.


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To be able to acquire it in creative it can be acquired as in survival but even so if you write in the chat /give @p f: ruin (and put a number from 1-20)


In survival you can acquire it by putting a block of stone bricks in a stone cutter.


  Activate Holiday Creator Features

  Activate and download the behavior pack and resource pack


Install Add-ons Tutorial

The Holiday Creator features are necessary to be able to use my Add-ons, in this video I show how to activate it easily.

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