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This is the original map that came out a few years ago, with the original map and original features. The map is for 2-8 players, conssute in 2 teams, some attackers and other defenders.

The teams will have to face each other to win one of the two, the attackers will have to kill a golem and gain victory and the defenders will have to defend the golem with all their might to win. The teams will have to fight for 400 seconds and depending on whether the golem dies or not, a team will win or not. The map is made up of 3 zones: the castle, the central zone and the exit of the attackers.

It has many weapons to help the castle, among them they have armor, swords, enchanted apples, snowballs, arrows and much more, they also have the advantage of having many lanes to attack.

They have a great advantage when it comes to defending because all the lanes where the attackers come from are summarized in one place and also their equipment is almost at their height with armor, swords and much more!


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