Fragments is a multiplayer combat story jrpg project.
The plot is about your character, a magician claims him at the top of a wall to explain the situation of the village, the player's mission will be to get the 3 fragments of the 3 guardians and for this he will have to venture into some ruins of the valley, a desolate place full of vegetation where you will have to find the 3 dungeons of the guardians and save your people.


In the game you will have 3 main swords and a bow, the swords will be of fire, darkness and water, each one will have a different power and a different utility depending on the dungeon. The bow will unlock its power the more power graptons you find.


Apart from the valley and the dungeons you will have caves with loot that will help you improve your equipment and ability.


The bosses would be 3, the water boss who could drown you with water and attack you with his subjects, the boss of darkness who would be in the dark on some platforms and would attack you with dark rays and finally the boss of hell, this boss would be In a fortress of hell surrounded by magma monsters, his confrontation would be based on rounds against minions and the last round you would face him.

The final boss of the game would be in the main village, there a round-robin battle began between the citizens and the subjects of the previous bosses.

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