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Pet Furniture is a comprehensive addon that brings a wide range of furniture options specifically designed for pets, such as dogs, cats, parrots, and more. With over 150 unique furniture items, this addon provides an extensive selection of furniture to create realistic and immersive living spaces for your virtual pets in Minecraft.

The addon includes a diverse variety of pet furniture, including pet beds of different shapes and sizes, pet doors that allow easy access for pets, kennels for cozy resting spots, scratchers for pets to fulfill their natural instincts, feeders for convenient feeding, and much more. With an extensive selection of furniture items, players can create customized and realistic pet environments to enhance their Minecraft gameplay experience.

One of the highlights of this addon is its compatibility with new Minecraft versions and regular updates, ensuring that players can continue to enjoy the features and benefits of the mod without any disruptions. This makes Pet Furniture a reliable choice for players who want to keep their Minecraft world up-to-date and experience the latest additions and improvements.
Acquiring the pet furniture is easy and convenient. Players can craft the furniture using a stone cutter and clay blocks, which allows for customization with different types of wood. With ten different wood types available, including oak, birch, spruce, jungle, acacia, dark oak, crimson, warped, stripped, and weathered, players can choose the wood that best matches their desired aesthetic. Alternatively, players can also access the pet furniture directly from the creative inventory in the decoration section, making it quick and simple to add the furniture to their Minecraft world in creative mode.

Pet Furniture is a must-have mod for pet lovers in Minecraft, offering a vast array of furniture options to create realistic and engaging pet environments. Stay updated with the latest updates, enjoy the wide range of furniture items, and give your virtual pets the comfort and style they deserve in your Minecraft world.

What other types of furniture does this mod offer?

Cat flaps:

In total there are 5 models, from the smallest to the largest, they also have 2 color variants, white and gray.


There are 2 models, one elongated and the other traditional, there are 8 variants for each model, one for each type of wood.


There are 2 models, one large and the other forest style, there are 8 variants for each model, one for each type of wood.


There are 2 types, one red and one blue.

Doors for cats:

They are doors for wooden buildings, they are used so that animals can enter or leave the houses.


It has 8 variants, the type of wood in the game, it is used to store chickens and decorate farms.

Animal beds:

They are beds to decorate the interiors and exteriors of the house, it has 2 variants, one white and the other gray.


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You can easily acquire the addon in creative mode by typing "/give @p PF:" in the chat, which will display a list of available furniture items for you to choose from.


In survival mode, you can obtain the addon by placing a clay ball in a stone cutter. Once you have a box of the desired furniture theme, you can then use the stone cutter to craft the furniture item. This adds an exciting element of resource gathering and crafting to enhance your gameplay experience in Minecraft.

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