Pet Furniture

Pet Furniture is a mod for Minecraft Bedrock, it consists of a plugin that adds more than 100 specialized furniture for pets such as dogs, cats, parrots, etc. The best thing about the addon is that it is updated for new versions and is constantly updated!

What is it about?

The addon is a collection of pet furniture, it brings many types of furniture such as pet beds, pet doors, kennels, scratchers, feeders and much more!

How is it acquired?

To acquire the furniture, it can be done in 2 ways, in a stone cutter with clay blocks or in the creative inventory, in the decoration section.

Types of furniture

  • Cat flaps: In total there are 5 models, from the smallest to the largest, they also have 2 color variants, white and gray.
  • Doghouses: There are 2 models, one elongated and the other traditional, there are 8 variants for each model, one for each type of wood.
  • Aviaries: There are 2 models, one large and the other forest style, there are 8 variants for each model, one for each type of wood.
  • Feeders: There are 2 types, one red and one blue.
  • Platforms for pets: They are platforms designed for walls, cats and dogs can walk on them, there are 8 variants, one for each type of wood that the game brings.
  • Doors for cats: They are doors for wooden buildings, they are used so that animals can enter or leave the houses.
  • Barn: It has 8 variants, the type of wood in the game, it is used to store chickens and decorate farms.
  • Animal beds: They are beds to decorate the interiors and exteriors of the house, it has 2 variants, one white and the other gray.


Please enable Expariment Holiday Creator Features for the plugin to work!

The addon is ready to start with a single click, little by little it will be updated to put more content.

Download links

-Download Pet Furniture Behavior Pack