A few hours ago at the Xbox conference, the new Minecraft Game that will be released in 2023, Minecraft Legends, was shown.

From what has been shown at the conference, Minecraft Legends will be a strategy and battle game in an open world. The initial mechanics and history that have been shown have been the following:


In order to attack different enemies, it has been seen that you will have to recruit different mobs (entities) to fight for you to win.


To build you will have to collect with some species of angels (similar to the Allay) of colors, they can collect and put blocks around the world for you. It has also been seen that you can prefabricate structures not made by you and tell the angels to build it for you.


The story that has been shown is that our character will have to recruit all possible allies to face the army of the underworld. According to the story the enemies of the underworld want to conquer your world by corrupting it, your mission will be to invade and save everyone.


In conclusion, this game will be released in 2023 and can be purchased on all consoles and computers. The game will not be directly related to the history of minecraft but it will have elements of it, when more news about this new minecraft game comes out I will show them at the moment so be attentive!

Oficial Trailer