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Are you looking for simple and authentic medieval furniture to enhance your Minecraft world? Look no further! Feudal Furniture is the perfect mod for you, offering over 150 meticulously crafted furniture pieces in a unique Minecraft style.

From functional tables and desks to decorative benches and boards, this mod has it all! With wooden variants for each item, you'll have endless options to personalize your virtual home with a touch of medieval charm. Let's explore the details of these furniture items and how they can elevate your gameplay.

With Feudal Furniture, you'll have the flexibility to obtain and customize your furniture pieces in survival or creative mode, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your Minecraft world. Add a touch of medieval charm to your virtual home with this mod's wide range of furniture options and elevate your gameplay experience.

What other types of furniture does this mod offer?


Functional and stylish tables for various purposes, such as dining, crafting, or displaying items.


Workstations for writing, studying, or organizing your virtual office.


Decorative seating options for your indoor or outdoor spaces.


Decorative wooden boards that can be used for signs, displays, or custom creations.


Storage chests for organizing and storing your items in a medieval-themed aesthetic.


Vertical access points that can be used for climbing or as decorative elements.


Staircases for connecting different levels of your virtual home with a medieval flair.


Ruined furniture pieces that can add a realistic touch to abandoned or decaying structures.


Decorative support beams for adding structural details to your buildings.


Decorative boxes that can be used for storage or as decorative accents.


Various decorative items, such as candles, banners, and tapestries, to add ambiance to your virtual home.

Picnic tables:

Outdoor tables with benches for enjoying virtual picnics or gatherings with friends.

With Feudal Furniture, you'll have an extensive collection of meticulously designed furniture items that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your Minecraft world. Decorate your virtual home with these authentic medieval-themed furniture pieces and create a unique and immersive gameplay experience


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There are two ways to access Feudal Furniture in creative mode. The first and main method is by navigating to the creative menu and locating the mod in the decoration section. Alternatively, you can use commands in the chat to obtain the desired furniture. Simply type "/give @p ff:" followed by the block name or by selecting the block directly from the creative menu.


To obtain Feudal Furniture in survival mode, you'll need clay. Simply input the clay into a stonecutter, and you'll receive a variety of boxes, each containing different wooden variants of furniture. Depending on the type of wood you choose from the box, you can create furniture pieces that match that specific wood type or other options.

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