A few days ago the new version of minecraft came out and in this article we are going to review all the new content that this new version brings us.

New area: Swamps

In this new area many new blocks have been added like the new mangrove trees or the boats with a boat so below you will find a list of all the new blocks in the swamp.

In this new swamp it will be difficult for you to move around since the new trees will obstruct your path and the only way to move easily is by boat on the rivers in the area.

  • Mangrove wood (along with all its variations)
  • Boats with chests (with all the variants of the woods
  • Roots of trees
  • mud
  • mud brick (along with all its variations)

New area: the undergrounds

This area appears in the layer from 0 to -60, in this area with a higher probability of appearing in mountains, it is about abandoned underground cities full of corruption and vegetation, in this new area you can find different buildings of an ancient civilization.

In this area you will also find the Warden, the blind monster, this monster will chase you depending on the noise you make, but how does he listen to you? The monster will be found by corrupted receptors, these receptors will alert the monster if they detect you. Another feature of the Warden is the sonic beam, this beam will be able to knock down distant targets.

Now I will leave below a compilation of the new blocks in this area:

  • Deep stone (with all its polishes)
  • Corruption
  • corrupt receiver
  • corrupt exchanger

New Entities

  • The Allay is the player's new companion, this friend will help us by collecting objects that we tell him and will give us the objects that he finds.

  • Toads are one of the most friendly new animals added, this will appear in some areas such as swamps or the desert, one of its abilities will be to transform magma into decorative light blocks.

  • The Warden as I mentioned before is the new enemy of the depths, he will stalk us and locate us by corrupt receptors.

Update Feedback

Comparing these versions with the old ones is not bad at all, it is true that for 8 months of development it has been a bit lazy but areas like the deep cities have been worth all the waiting, but what matters is your opinion!

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