Mi Personaje

Hello! I am Trotamundos872, I have been a content creator since 2021. I am dedicated to creating furniture mods and decoration for Minecraft Bedrock.


About 6 years ago I started in the world of map making in Minecraft Bedrock, All my creations were dedicated to multiplayer and pvp. One day about 2 years ago I created a small project called Modern Furniture, over the years I have been updating it, improving it and creating other mods in the same field until today, having Modern Furniture as my best mod and having other furniture mods like Pet Furniture and Feudal Furniture.

My Projects


TRMC Studios
TRMC Studios is my website where I host all the content of mods and maps that I create. Here you can find all the necessary information to use and play my products.

TRMC App is my official Android app where you can download all my content directly to Minecraft Mobile. This app is equipped for all importing, updating, and notifying of mods.




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