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If you're not careful and stray from reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in Backrooms, where there's nothing but the stench of damp carpet, the craziness of the yellow jumpsuit, and the endless background noise of fluorescent lights on full hum. . , and roughly six hundred million miles of randomly segmented empty rooms you can get stuck in. God save you if you hear something wandering nearby, because surely he has heard you.


In this map the experience of the back rooms is simulated, in this one you will be alone and with no way to escape and scared by the loneliness that you will have to endure in the rest of the rooms of the complex and waiting for your death by hunger.


This map is inspired by the level 0 of the backrooms, the levels of the map are designed to always feel like the same place but in a different way. Its walls are a yellowish 20th century tapestry, its floor is a greasy and musty brown mockup, and its ceiling is an office-like ceiling with glowing leds and cracks everywhere. All these details make you feel lost and frightened by the monsters that lie in wait for you when playing.


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